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Getting my Pizza Fix

Patrons and menu

Patrons and menu

The Secret – If you want damn fine traditional Italian woodfired pizza, head down to Pizzeria Napoli in Wellington’s Courtney Place.  Pizzeria Napoli also has calzone’s and pasta dishes on the menu.

I had planned (schemed more like it) to go there Saturday evening after my football game with my two mates (one of whom had just stepped off a plane from Sydney and the other who was off on a maiden deep sea fishing trip the next day).

The Tip – Make sure you make reservations ahead of time because this little place is always humming.  But not to fear,  on turning up unannounced we were invited to sit at a table ‘street side’ while waiting for a table inside to clear.   We  ordered a bucket of Peroni’s and toasted our good fortune.

The Dare – I dare you to check this place out and not tell anyone.  The service was great.  John and Rafael (the owners) really make sure their patrons are well looked after.  After we were ushered to our table, our meals didn’t take long to arrive,  arancini for starters followed by pizza.  I ate every tasty little morsel.  You can have dessert too if you can squeeze it in, we had little balls of cinnamon sugar donuts with chocolate and hazelnut centres.

The words of Homer Simpson best sum up my thoughts of pizzas from Pizzeria Napoli, “Mmmmm pizza…”.

Aranacini balls

Arancini balls

Pizza toppings

Pizza toppings

Pizza toppings

Pizza toppings

Donut balls

Donut balls



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