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Weekly Photo Challenge: Companioniable

Kodi chased rabbits, he always howled along with the fire station siren and barked at the postie. Kodi is my parent in-laws dog but the family dog to everyone else (me included). He was always around and had seen it all, birthday parties, arrival of new grandchildren and Christmases. Three months ago Kodi was diagnosed with … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through My Eyes

The Wellington Marathon was held this last Sunday 23 June and I decided to get down to the start/finish line early to see what I could find.  Other events that day included the half marathon and 10km run/walk and the kids magic mile.  I chose to position myself next to the event photographers with their … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

“Bird On A Wire” shows a finch sitting on a native tree sculpture made out of fencing wire in Wellington’s Botanic Garden. See more submissions for this weeks challenge here. Click on image above to see it sharper in full screen mode.

Shelly’s Little Lighthouse

I went in search of a subject to try out my new (and first) neutral density filter (ND400).  I found this lighthouse in Shelly Bay.  It was dawn and the sun had just popped up over the hills and shed its golden glow across the harbour and onto the lighthouse.  I was rather pleased with … Continue reading


Tuatara are amongst the most primitive living reptiles.  This image was captured at a reptile enclosure at the Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand).  I believe this is part of the University’s Reptile Conservation Research programme. This little fella was sunning itself under a red heat lamp.

Still Fall?

It’s the southern hemisphere winter and here in Wellington, New Zealand, it’s feeling pretty mild, it still feels like autumn.  This image of autumn leaves was taken yesterday on my walk through the Botanical Gardens.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

It watched us take an evening stroll on its beach.  I turned, camera in hand. Click. Hop hop. Gone. See more submissions for this weeks theme here.

A Word A Week Photography Challenge: Metallic

Inspiration – I walked down to the waterfront this morning  just as the sun was rising.  I captured quite a few images.  Here are four that I believe lend themselves nicely to this weeks challenge, a sculpture, part of a bridge and a shell (from two angles). Check out more submissions here. This sculpture is 3.4 m … Continue reading

Travel Theme – Costumes

What do hobbits, scuba-bunnies and storm troopers have in common? – They’ve all been photographed by me (I haven’t got the abominable snowman or the Lochness Monster yet).  This is my maiden post for Ailsa’s travel theme from her Where’s my Backpack? blog.  See other entries here. These images were captured at Anime Expo in … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

The sign says… What?! – Signs are pervasive, that is they’re everywhere we go, they can be informative, persuasive, instructional or contemplative.  The odd/funny ones you remember the most.  Signs don’t need to be splashed on billboards, they could represented as symbols or even as hand or body gestures.  Some signs are universal in meaning … Continue reading

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