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Travel Theme: Big

There’s nothing quite like the grandness of the open sky and the vast landscape that lies beneath it.  The Grand Canyon sums this up for me as shown in the self titled image above taken from the Southern Rim. According to Wikipedia, the Grand Canyon is 446 km (277 miles) long, up to 29 km (18 miles) wide and attains … Continue reading

A Word A Week Photography Challenge: Decadent

While transiting through Singapore’s Changi International Airport, I happened upon this gold plated cell phone.  You can see the price tag on it is S$49,530.00 (which is equivalent to almost USD$39,000 at todays rates and almost £25,000). Decadent indeed. See here for more submissions for this weeks theme.

Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

Framing an image in either portrait or landscape is a happy dilemma I often have.  Both orientations can present the subject in a different light.  Here are a couple of images for this weeks challenge.  If you have a free minute to comment below, I’d be interested to know which one you prefer and why. … Continue reading

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