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A Word A Week Photography Challenge: Decadent

While transiting through Singapore’s Changi International Airport, I happened upon this gold plated cell phone.  You can see the price tag on it is S$49,530.00 (which is equivalent to almost USD$39,000 at todays rates and almost £25,000). Decadent indeed. See here for more submissions for this weeks theme. Advertisements

A Word A Week Photography Challenge: Distant

The Boardwalk and the Boardwalk Part 2 are two images I took over consecutive nights from the same spot but facing in opposite directions (if that make sense). Both images are taken in Oriental Bay, Wellington, New Zealand.  The aim was to use the boardwalk to guide the eye to subjects in the distance. To … Continue reading

A Word A Week Photography Challenge: Metallic

Inspiration – I walked down to the waterfront this morning  just as the sun was rising.  I captured quite a few images.  Here are four that I believe lend themselves nicely to this weeks challenge, a sculpture, part of a bridge and a shell (from two angles). Check out more submissions here. This sculpture is 3.4 m … Continue reading

A Word A Week Photography Challenge: Angle

Urban Forest – this sculpture consists of three nine-meter (29.5 ft) high stacks of bright spinning cubes.  I have displayed two images in both black + white and colour as both sets have a different impact on the eye.    The shadows cast by the on-ground display lights together with passing traffic cast some nice angular … Continue reading

A Word A Week Photography Challenge: Face

Lets face it – this week I thought I would extend myself a little bit and really challenge myself.  I thought I would try and present my images in the cubism form made famous by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque.  This is my first attempt at doing this.  I sketched first on paper and then … Continue reading

A Word A Week Photography Challenge: Mountains

  View from Mirror Lake – This is Indian Rock (I believe), which faces Half Dome and which together form the valley in which Mirror Lake lies. Not a big mountain by any means but a mountain nonetheless. We reached Mirror Lake after a leisurely thirty minute bicycle ride from the Yosemite Valley Visitor Centre.  It was … Continue reading

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