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A Word A Week Photography Challenge: Metallic

Inspiration – I walked down to the waterfront this morning  just as the sun was rising.  I captured quite a few images.  Here are four that I believe lend themselves nicely to this weeks challenge, a sculpture, part of a bridge and a shell (from two angles). Check out more submissions here. This sculpture is 3.4 m … Continue reading

A Word A Week Photography Challenge: Face

Lets face it – this week I thought I would extend myself a little bit and really challenge myself.  I thought I would try and present my images in the cubism form made famous by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque.  This is my first attempt at doing this.  I sketched first on paper and then … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Patterns

Sea Foam and Sand – On a weekend away, I consciously captured these shots because I liked the patterns.  I then added these photographs to my archive of “rainy day” items.  Whilst it’s not raining outside (its actually foggy) I think these images lend themselves nicely to this weeks challenge.  I do like the nostalgia.

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