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Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

Nostalgia describes a certain affinity to memorable moments of the past.  Taste, smell, touch, sounds and imagery are triggers that are powerful enough to transport you back to those happy and idyllic times.  For me those happy times are a collection of childhood memories, my formative years and even recent events. For example the smell of … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companioniable

Kodi chased rabbits, he always howled along with the fire station siren and barked at the postie. Kodi is my parent in-laws dog but the family dog to everyone else (me included). He was always around and had seen it all, birthday parties, arrival of new grandchildren and Christmases. Three months ago Kodi was diagnosed with … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

“Bird On A Wire” shows a finch sitting on a native tree sculpture made out of fencing wire in Wellington’s Botanic Garden. See more submissions for this weeks challenge here. Click on image above to see it sharper in full screen mode.

Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background

Scaena – I believe backgrounds are fundamental to scene setting or for providing the context for a story line, this is the basis for why bedtime stories often start with the line “Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was a…” or something to that affect.  I’ve tried to feed the story … Continue reading

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